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Share Account Charges
Account Activation Fee $15.00 (Will be charged to reactivate account within 6 months of account closing date)
Early Account Closure
(6 months or less after opening)
Monthly Inactivity $10/Month if the Share account has no activity in a 1-year period with a balance under $300.00 and no other Credit Union services (excluding minor accounts under the age of 18)
Money Market Minimum Balance $10/Month if minimum balance not maintained
Money Market Withdrawals
$5.00 for every money market withdrawal after 6 per month
Checking Account Charges
Overdraft* $35.00/Item
Return Item $35.00/Item (Maximum $175.00 per day)
Stop Payment $35.00/Item (over the counter or by phone)
$25.00/check (self-initiated online – drafts only)
Overdraft Transfer (courtesy transfer from savings to checking) FREE
E-Z Checking Fee $4.95 if standard features are not chosen. Standard Features: Debit Card, Access*Online, eStatements
Check Printing Prices may vary depending on style.
Debit Card Inactivity Fee After 12 months of non-use; $1 per month, for every 30 days of inactivity
Copy of Check $5.00/Check
Check Cashing 2% or $10/check whichever is greater. Applies to all Non-members as well as members with no additional services and no matching funds.
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer $5.00/After the first 4 free**
  **4 Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawals per Month Without a Charge
Return Item $35.00/ATM or ACH Item
Foreign Transaction Fee-ISA 2%
Express Card Delivery Fee $50.00
Replacement Card $15.00/Card
Wire Transfer - Incoming $15.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $35.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer - Foreign Outgoing $70.00/Transfer
Account Fees
Account Reconciliation $30.00/Hour, 1 hour minimum
Account Research $30.00/Hour plus retrieval fees, 1 hour minimum
Statement Copy $5.00/Copy
Deposited Item Return $8.00/Item
History Printout $2.00/Page
Verification of Deposit $10.00/Verification
Telephone Transfer $2.00/Transfer
Canadian Check Deposit $25.00
Money Order $4.00/Money Order
Cashier's Checks $6.00/Check
Stop Pay Cashier's Checks $35.00/Check
Trust Account Set Up $20.00
Loan Related Fees
Propay Online Loan Pmt $5.95 be eCheck or Debit Card
Propay Online Ret. Pmt. Fee $35.00
Replacement: Lien Release $25.00/Release
Mortgage Satisfaction $50.00/Satisfaction
Mortgage Subordination $200.00
Loan Late Fee $25.00 or 5% (whichever is greater)
Loan Rewrite/Loan Extension $100.00 per extension
Loan Rate Step-Down Fee $100.00 per loan (once per term of loan)
Loan Coupon Book $20.00
Skip a Payment $60 each
Unperfected Title Fee $35.00/Month
Return Loan Payment Fee $35.00
Visa Related Fees
Visa Cash Advance 2% or $10.00/Advancement (whichever is greater)
Miscellaneous Fees
Coin Currency Order Fee $0.25/Coin Roll
  $0.50/Currency Strap
Fax/Photocopy Service $2.00/Page
Incorrect Address/Return Mail $15.00/Returned Statement
Levy/Garnishments $75.00
1098/1099 Copies $10.00
CPI Processing Fee $35.00
Mail Receipt Fee $2.00
Escheatment Processing Fee $100.00
Collection Processing Fee $35.00

*Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.

**4 Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawals per Month Without a Charge.

For a printable version of our Service Charge Schedule, download the PDF.