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Get paid up to two (2) days earlier when you Direct Deposit into your AHCU checking or savings account.

Earlier Direct Deposit is a free service that AHCU provides to its members; giving members access to their pay up to two days early. There’s no enrolling or activating. All you need to do is set up a direct deposit to your AHCU Checking or Savings account. If we receive your direct deposit information from your employer early, we will deposit your pay into your account—up to two days early.

When setting up your Direct Deposit through your payroll processor, you'll need:

      • AHCU's Bank Transit Routing Number, 296076385; 
      • Your AHCU Account number; 
      • Which account you would like it deposited into (Savings or Checking).

As a member of AHCU, accessing those funds becomes super easy when you have an AHCU checking account.  Just click here, log into our online banking platform, click (+) add account and then choose the type of checking account you want.

Earlier Direct Deposit FAQs