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Key Features

  • Earn Guaranteed Returns
  • Competitive, Tiered Rates
  • Free Digital Banking

Money Markets combine features of traditional savings accounts with characteristics of money market funds. 

Key benefits of Money Markets are:

Interest Rates: Money market savings accounts generally offer higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts.

Liquidity: Similar to regular savings accounts, money market savings accounts provide easy access to funds.

Safety: Money market savings accounts are considered safe investments. The funds are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000. This provides protection against the loss of principal.

Other benefits to consider:

  • Competitive, tiered rates — higher balances earn higher rates
  • $2,500 minimum deposit to open
  • Earn premium monthly dividends with a minimum balance of $2,500
  • 6 FREE monthly withdrawals by use of internet or telephone.  After that, a service fee will be imposed.  Please see our Service Charge Schedule for the fee amount.
  • Make deposits at any time or set up direct deposit
  • Free 24/7 telephone banking

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