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Financial, Mental Health, Grief Counseling and More Available to Our Members

We understand life happens and financial stress can bring unexpected challenges to our members lives. That is why AHCU offers counseling support including financial services and education to our members and their families. AHCU believes in a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, which includes your financial AND mental health.

FamilyMeans1 is a place where families, children, couples, and individuals can come to find help and work through those difficult times in their lives. FamilyMeans can help in the following areas: Counseling and mental health services, collaborative divorce and marriage counseling, grief and traumatic loss counseling, aging and caregiver services, and youth enrichment programs and mental health in the schools.

Call (612) 308-4739 to speak with Education Specialist Suzy Wheeler. She can help work with you through your current challenges. She can personally work with you to develop a plan to get you and your family back to where you need to be.

Take Control of Your Wellness

If you are finding yourself having trouble budgeting, looking to repair credit, or just in need of counseling services call Suzy at (612) 308-4739. As an education specialist, she can help walk you through a personalized prepared plan that offers an ending solution.

You Can Count on FamilyMeans

Call Suzy at (612) 308-4739 today or visit

1FamilyMeans, which is located at 1875 Northwestern Avenue South, Stillwater MN 55082 is not owned or operated by Associated Healthcare Credit Union.