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I appreciate the convenient office location, and payroll deduction really helps us save money. The people are really nice - I'm crazy about the tellers and the loan officers are great. When we needed to borrow money they went out of their way to process our loan within a day.

— Mary Detviler

Overall, having the AHCU available to employees (speaking about my personal feeling of the credit union) is a great asset. To be able to bank while at work, have direct deposit, obtain loans and the great customer service provided by all is wonderful. I don't know how many UH employees benefit from the Credit Union - but if they aren't a member, I'm surprised!

— Cindy Early

The AHCU is like extended family. Each visit is like seeing a sibling you haven't seen for awhile. There is the ever-present smiles and the chit chat about your life and theirs. You do your business and then the Good-Byes till you meet again. Just a Great Place and Great People, not just your brick and mortar institution.

— Charles Groeller

I personally have had wonderful experiences with the outstanding customer service that the credit union has offered me for the last 22 years, a couple of my favorites:

When I had my son and daughter both in college, we started their checking accounts with the AHCU. It was very reassuring for me that I could set up their checking accounts to never overdraw to ensure that if they needed anything that they had my funds as a back up when it was necessary, and help monitor their finances.

When it was necessary for me to apply for car/truck loans, it was a very fast, convenient process, and I did not have to wait to get answers regarding the loans. Both of my children felt very comfortable with the staff, and when they asked questions (especially when they were just starting to understand budgeting, etc), they did not hesitate to ask the credit union staff.

I like the fact that I am recognized when I walk into the credit union and when I call on the phone for assistance.

Those are a few of my thoughts.

— Donna Fink