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See how much you save at AHCU.

We wanted to know just how much we were helping our members save versus our competitors — so we commissioned a study and found out that our members saved a total of over $3.2 million!

We can proudly say that Associated Healthcare Credit Union helps you make the most of your money. Here’s a breakdown of how our great rates and low fees have helped members save in the past year.

Individual members save an average of $248 a year.

Members with multiple accounts at AHCU enjoy the most savings.

Here’s the average amount members save with a checking, money market and home equity loan from AHCU:

Take the Next Step!

We’d love to show you just how much we’re helping you save individually. Give us a call or stop by your nearest branch for a free review. We can help you maximize your membership benefits. Or, if you’re considering becoming a member, we’ll help you make the switch quickly and easily!

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