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ITM - An Interactive Teller Machine with enhanced self-service tools with video or personal assistance

Comments from members regarding their first ITM experience:

  • "I was hesitant at first, but I love how easy it is to use! I am pleasantly surprised and impressed." 

  • "Wow, this machine is great. Thanks for investing in the future!"

  • "Thank you for showing me how to use it. Now that I know how to use it, I'm confident I can come back and do it all by myself. But I'm so happy you're still going to be here."

  • "Look, I'm old. I can't even video call on my smartphone. But this thing, I can use!" 

Enhanced ATM access

The ITM experience allows for several enhanced ATM transactions:

  • See a complete view of your entire relationship with AHCU including loans, credit cards, certificates, and more – all of your accounts, at your fingertips
  • Make deposits without an envelope or deposit slip
  • Get check images printed on your receipts
  • Transact between your accounts and your linked accounts
  • Make payments on your AHCU loans or credit card
  • And more!


What is an ITM? 

ITM is an acronym for Interactive Teller Machine. Think ATM with a lot more capability.

How do ITMs work?

Simply touch the screen to start your transaction. 

Where are the ITMs located?

Inside the St. Paul branch.

Inside the Eagan branch and in the Eagan drive-thru lane.

At the Woodbury branch, in the drive-thru lane. 

Do I still need my AHCU debit card to use the ITM?

Yes. You can access your account with an AHCU debit card and your PIN. But, if you don't have your debit card, you can use your AHCU member number and SSN, too. You can also select the Teller Assist button, for a secure interactive video conversation to verify your identity during normal business hours.

What if I need help completing a transaction?

In-person and video help is available during business hours, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you need help just push the ASSIST button. You can also ask for help from an AHCU Universal Banker in-branch,

What types of transactions can I make?

Almost everything a traditional teller can do can also be done at the ITM. This includes:

  • Cash deposits
  • Cash withdrawals 
  • Transfers to your AHCU accounts
  • Transfer to your linked AHCU accounts
  • AHCU Loan payments
  • AHCU Credit payments
  • Check Deposits
  • Balance inquiries

AHCU Universal Bankers are available to assist with other items, such as: money orders, cash advances, cashier’s checks, notary services, and other account-related services.

Can I choose the denominations of my cash withdrawal?

Yes. Another great advantage of our ITMs is that you can choose how you want your money. Our ITMs dispense in denominations of $100, $20, $5, and $1. 

When cashing a check, the change portion of your check will remain in the account you deposited it into.

What are the benefits of AHCU's ITM?

Our ITMs are faster and offer more privacy than a traditional teller line, provide extended hours to better fit your schedule, and are easily accessible for hearing-impaired members.

I'm hearing impaired, will I still be able to use the ITM?

Of course! You can use your own headphones. Additionally, there is a chat feature you may use to communicate with one of our Universal Bankers during business hours.

If I make a loan payment after the branch closes, will it post on the same day?

No. It will post the next business day.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, plus all ITM receipts offer the image of any check deposited on the back of your receipt.

How soon will my transactions show in Online Banking or the AHCU Mobile app?

Your ITM transactions will show up immediately after you login to Online Banking or our mobile app. In addition, images of any checks you deposit will show up within 24 hours.

If I deposit cash, will there be a 2-day hold?

No. All cash deposits made at an ITM will be made available immediately.

How long will my check(s) be placed on hold if I deposit through the ITM?

Depending upon the type of check and the amount of the check, check holds may be placed. Your ITM receipt will detail the length of the check hold if there is one. Extended holds may apply per our Funds Availability Policy.