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Consolidate your credit card payments into one easy payment. 

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Transfer your high-interest-rate credit card balances from other financial institutions to your AHCU credit card at 6.99% APR* for the first 12 months on the amount of your balance transfer. 
It's easy to transfer your balances:
  • Use the Make a Balance Transfer button below
  • Call us at 651.383.4000
  • Start a Chat on this page (click the CHAT NOW tab on the right)
  • Use the Make an Appointment button below
    (attend in-person, virtually or by telephone)

Save $786.19 in this Real World Example:

  Balance APR 12 mo pay off Mo. Pmt. 12-months interest Total Pmt. 
Total Int. Savings
Your CC $5,000 20.92% Yes $465.36 $584.52    
AHCU CC $5,000 6.99% Yes $432.61 $191.33    
            $393.00 $393.19

Assumptions:  $5,000 is your balance and you do not make any additional purchases. According to NerdWallet in a May 23, 2023 article, 20.92% is the average credit card rate. Total payment savings is the difference of $465.36 - $432.61 = $32.75 x 12 months. Total Interest Savings is $584.52 - $191.33 = $393.19.  Combined Savings is $393.00 + $393.19 = $786.19. 

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The introductory rate on a new AHCU Visa Premier or Signature credit card is 2.99% APR on purchases made within 12 months from date of account opening. 6.99% APR on any balance transfer(s) made during the promotion period of 9.15.23 - 10.31.23 for a period of 12 billing cycles. $500 minimum balance transfer. Balance Transfer Fee is 2% of the balance(s) transferred. After that, your APR will increase and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Current rate(s) are based on the Prime Rate as stated in the Wall Street Journal. Rate is based on creditworthiness. If at the end of the 12 months, you still have a purchase balance, ask us about refinancing the remainder of the balance into a personal loan, currently at 7.50%  APR (rate can change at any time). Less interest and a lower payment than what you would pay on a credit card.

The APR will never be greater than 18.00%. Please refer to the Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure you received for information regarding your APR. We calculate your balance by using a method called average daily balance.

Visa Signature Rewards Disclosure

Visa Premier Disclosure