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You may not always have access to the internet, but with our automated Heartline service, you can always get your banking done from any touchtone phone. Heartline is free, easy, and convenient, and lets you access your accounts at any time. You can check your balances, transfer funds, stop payments, and more — all a phone call away! Just follow the recorded instructions and be ready to enter your member number and PIN when prompted.

  • Quick and easy banking access through Heartline telephone banking
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips
  • 24/7 access to information
  • Multiple banking tasks available
  • Checking account information
  • Savings account information
  • Transfer funds
  • Set your own confidential PIN

Our Heartline telephone banking number is 877.622.0855. — available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in both English and Spanish!

Before You Start

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Use a touchtone phone
  • Your personal identification number (PIN) is four digits; either your date of birth (MMDD) or a customized number you choose
  • When entering dollar amounts, do not use decimals. For example, $126.95 should be entered as 12695
  • You may enter in exact dollar amounts for transfer
  • You may complete up to 30 transactions per call

Symbols to Remember

  • Press the asterisk key (*) to repeat the current menu options
  • Press the pound key (#) to return to the menu

Main Menu

The options that you can access on your menu are specific to your account. For example, you won't get an option to review loan balances if you don't have a loan from AHCU.

Here are the options you may choose from the main menu:

  • Transactions
  • Inquiries
  • PIN Number (to customize PIN)
  • Rates & General Information
  • Access Another Member Number (to enter new member number and PIN)
Your basic banking is just a phone call away.